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The Brand Files

Jul 27, 2023

Building an Industry Disrupting Brand with Andy and Kristin Bernard of Côtes de Femme


  • A message to all aspiring business owners – JUST GET STARTED!
  • Introducing a specific flavor profile to the wine market – as a couple & family. 
  • Overcoming a limited mindset turning into the Côtes de Femme brand.



Welcome back to The Brand Files podcast! In this episode we are getting a sneak peek into the life of a business driven couple and their journey with building a successful wine company. 

Kristen is the founder and CEO of Côtes de Femme. She has a BS in human environmental sciences and she studied communications in education. She’s a lifestyle guru and fitness innovator, problem solver, and has a proven ability to put ideas into action.

Andy, her husband, is the COO of Côtes de Femme, and has a BS in civil engineering. He’s been a lifelong engineer, competitive Division I athlete, and innovator in green and sustainable business practices. They are both published authors of athletic books and have started other small businesses as well.

This is not their first rodeo, so we are so lucky to have them on the podcast today to tell us about their journey specifically with Côtes de Femme. Listen now to hear more about how Côtes de Femme came about, what it means, and many more captivating details! 


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