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Stories From Graceland Pond

Stories From Graceland Pond with host Gregg Fraley features a regular cast of four creative writers performing original stories. Each program is themed and music selections frame each story.  The cast: Mark Maguire, Marijo O'Connell, Doug Stevenson, and Joanna Trotter. The program is recorded live on lower power FM station WRHC (Radio Harbor Country) which serves Three Oaks and Sawyer, Michigan. 

Sep 16, 2022

Edition #31 of Stories From Graceland Pond. 
Theme: Love, Actually
True stories of love, romance, things gone wrong and more on this episode. Guest storyteller Rick DeHerder sends in a story of love lost, then we hear from Marijo O'Connell (first kisses), Mark Maguire (thoughts on the movie "Love Actually, ...

Sep 14, 2022

Theme: Vacation
In this episode the cast recalls memorable vacations. Crazy things happen, and big changes are often pre-saged or directly caused by vacations we take. 
Romance, scary events, surprises, car breakdowns, gifted ticket to Europe, special guest Ralph Kerle pops in at the end for a chat about Vacations...

Sep 2, 2022

Edition #41 of Stories from Graceland Pond. Airled live on July 5, 2022 on WRHC-LP, Three Oaks, MI.
Theme: Humiliation and Embarrassment Stories.
Things happen. Sometimes it's an accident, and other times we bring it upon ourselves, but we all have a story about being totally embarrassed or humiliated. These are...

Sep 1, 2022

Originally recorded on Tuesday, August 2.
Edition #43 of Stories from Graceland Pond. 
Theme: Gone Fishin
Special Guest Storyteller: Rick DeHerder
In summertime, some of us leave work and leave a sign on the door that says "Gone Fishin." It may be a vacation, or it may be just a symbol that we need a...