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Write to the Point

Feb 1, 2023

Six educators share their insight into teaching writing alongside AI. With varying attitudes–from enthusiasm to skepticism–these university teachers offer perspectives that cut beyond the obvious on facilitating the use of ChatGPT in the classroom. 


0:46– Dr. Zea Miller (University of Florida) explains why ChatGPT is revolutionary and why its future role in education is so pivotal. 


6:58– Dr. Edmond Y. Chang (Ohio University) contextualizes this moment in a long line of teaching with new technologies like word processessors and Wikipedia. 


13:53– Dr. Lilly Campbell (Marquette University) clarifies ChatGPT’s strengths and weaknesses in writing instruction and suggests how first-year writing courses can utilize it effectively. 


25:20– Dr. Emily Bald (University of Florida) frames this moment as an opportunity for instructors to question and re-assess their true educational goals when teaching writing in disciplines such as medical science.


36:38– Dr. Thomas Salem Manganaro (University of Richmond) points out ChatGPT’s failings when it comes to analyzing literature. 


50:22– Dr. Reine Azzi (Lebanese American University) shares why she enthusiastically uses AI in the classroom and offers strategies for doing so productively.