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Sep 21, 2023

This week on The Creator Feed: Artlist is giving away $100K to bring your wildest video idea to life. Embrace AI for a 40% performance boost, according to a Harvard study. Viral Nation launches CreatorOS, perfect for nanoinfluencers. Google's anti-trust case could rock the internet, while Karat Financial offers an angel investing program for creators. And in a twist, Bytedance clones Canva but renews partnership in Australia. Get all the buzz in this week’s Creator Feed podcast!"


Artlist's $100K Video Idea Giveaway: Bring Your Creativity to Life!

Boost Performance by 40% with AI, Harvard Study Reveals

Viral Nation Unveils CreatorOS: Simplifying Talent Management

Google's Anti-Trust Case: Internet & YouTube at Risk


Karat Financial Empowers Creators with Angel Investment Program"

Bytedance Clones Canva, Sparks Collaboration Buzz