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Oct 21, 2022

This week on The Creator Feed, Renee and Jim talk about new ways for creators to build their teams, how the creator economy is like the music industry – or not, and a hit piece saying most would-be creators will never make it because “your content sucks”.  We look into age-gating on TikTok, as the popular platform adds an 18+ tier – but will it actually work?  Also, Jim shares his first impressions of the Oculus Pro after testing it out, Twitchcon’s health and safety failures are dissected and Walmart’s new creator push is dissected and discussed.  Plus a special Halloween video featuring a TikTok-famous vegetarian vampire!  All this and more on The Creator Feed!


YT Jobs, Editorof 

Creator Economy Backlash?

TikTok’s new age limits rolling out

Jim Looks at the Oculus Pro

Who’s to blame for the dangerous TwitchCon Fail

Must see: The Vegetarian Vampire!