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Aug 24, 2023

Get ready for another exciting episode of The Creator Feed! This week it’s all about AI and Conflicts of Interest.  On the AI Side,  YouTube is getting into the AI game with their Music AI Incubator, working with music partners to enhance creativity while protecting artists' work. Meta releases an impressive AI translator model, which led to a discussion of where all these models fail - and fail hard.  Finally we talk about updates to copyright and AI-generated images, still murky as mud, but wending its way through the courts.

Ethics and conflicts of interest also take center stage as we discuss the recent lapses at Mr. Beast and Linus Tech Tips. Plus, a look at how the NFT royalty bubble has almost completely detonated - and Jim discloses his very own conflict.  bursts. Finally, hold on tight because Kick is launching their Creator Program, offering select streamers a salary. No word on whether the gambling connection is a conflict or not.  

The future of the creator economy is here, so tune in and stay ahead of the game!




🎡 YouTube's Music AI Incubator: Enhancing Creativity and Protecting Artists' Work!


🀝 Ethical Lapses in the Creator Economy: Mr. Beast and Linus Tech Tips Under Fire!

πŸ’¬ Meta Launches SeamlessM4T: The Ultimate Multilingual AI Translator!

πŸ’” The End of NFT Royalties: Open Sea Gives Up, Creator Economy in Turmoil!

πŸ–ŒοΈ AI Art vs. Copyright: Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Non-Copyrightable AI Creations!

πŸ’° Kick's Creator Program: Salary for Select Streamers, The Future of Live Streaming!