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Feb 11, 2023

The Creator Feed podcast covers the latest news and trends in the creator economy and what it means for creators. In this episode, Renee Teeley and Jim Louderback discuss Google's new experimental conversational AI service, Bard, which is a response to ChatGPT. They also talk about TikTok's plan for transparency and the questions it raises, including its partnership with Oracle. The podcast also covers the decrease in average views for videos with over 100k views on TikTok, the reasons behind Elle Mills quitting YouTube, and the potential impact of the Supreme Court's revisiting of Section 230 law on social media. Finally, Insider is launching its first list of female founders in the creator economy and invites nominations.

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Google Takes on ChatGPT - Microsoft Adds AI to Bing


Inside TikTok’s “Project Texas” as they plan to stay alive in the US


Are TikTok’s Views Stagnating?


Elle Mills Ages out of YouTube


Supreme Court Will Revisit Section 230


Insider Looking for Top Female Founders in the Creator Economy