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Sep 7, 2023

Welcome to The Creator Feed, where we dish out the juiciest news from the creator economy! In this episode, we've got some hot topics for you. Google is introducing AI watermarks to protect and explain those fancy AI-generated images, while Meta is working on a bias detection system for AI models. TikTok's got a massive kids problem, with young minds being hooked on its addictive algorithm. YouTube execs are fretting over the decline of long-form videos, and we explore the rise of private networks like Discord and WhatsApp. Plus, LinkedIn is making some updates, and we ponder LinkTree's collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo. Tune in for all the details!



Google's Mind-Blowing AI Watermark

Meta Unmasking AI's Hidden Bias

YouTube Execs in Panic Mode:Is the Era of Long-Form Videos Over?

The End of Social Media: Teens Abandoning Platforms for Good?


TikTok's Dark Secret: How It's Hooking Kids from Age 2


LinkedIn's Bold Move: Bidding Farewell to Hashtags and Location Data


LinkTree x Olivia Rodrigo Collab: Custom Themes for Your Fanbase!