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Sep 13, 2023

Get ready for some exciting updates in the creator economy world! In this episode, we'll spill the beans on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro's mind-blowing features, like spatial video recording and the long-awaited switch to a USB-C connection. We'll also dive into the chaos surrounding the ill-fated launch of a new esports league, the toxic relationship between creators and blockchain technology, and Patreon's new chat rooms that'll bring you closer to your audience. Plus, we'll explore the demise of traditional TV and the rise of online video, and share some funny tidbits about YouTube's glowing subscribe button and TikTok's new shopping feature. Tune in and stay in the loop with the latest tech buzz!



Apple's iPhone 15 Pro 

The Mr. Beast-promoted Creator League Took a Wrong Turn 

Patreon Is Leveling Up With New Chat Rooms Similar To Discord And More!


It's The End Of Big TV 

Youtube Is Testing A Glowing Subscribe Button 

Tiktok Shop Is Live In The Us, Tempting Us With Unnecessary Purchases.