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Mar 5, 2023

In this episode of The Creator Feed, co-hosts Jim Louderback and Renee Teeley discuss the latest developments in the Creator Economy. They begin by exploring YouTube's priorities for 2023 - as laid out by new head Neal Mohan - which include more creator monetization, generative AI, and better podcast functionality. They also discuss the platform's efforts to make videos more accessible to a global audience by adding multiple language tracks to a video. Next, they cover Jellysmack's partnership with Roku, and then delve into the issue of social media's effect on teenagers, with a focus on TikTok's recent 60-minute timeout feature. Finally, they discuss Electrify Video Partners' $50 million investment in YouTube channels and the issue of copyright for AI-created images.


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YouTube 2023 Vision


YouTube Goes Global

Jellysmack Launches OTT Channel


Social Media and Teens


Electrify Wants to Buy YouTube Channels


Copyrighting GenAI Images