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Aug 10, 2023

Hey there trendsetters! Get ready for a jam-packed episode of The Creator Feed. First up, Changer Studios is launching not one, but two exciting accelerator programs for educational and kids' content creators. Plus, gaming sensation Kwebbelkop is taking a leap into the virtual world as an AI construct, extending his career in a whole new way. And TikTok is bringing the heat with their very own music competition, Gimme the Mic, and changing the product to satisfy EU privacy updates. We also talk about what it means now that Roblox hit over 1 million downloads on Oculus. We've also got some Thread updates and a juicy twist in the Mr Beast saga. Tune in and share the creativity!



Unveiling the Future: Changer Studios Launches Accelerator Programs for YouTube Creators 

 Kwebbelkop Transcends Reality: The Gaming Creator Embraces AI for Career Expansion 

 TikTok's Melodic Quest + Adapting to EU Regulations with User Personalization Controls

 ROBLOX x Oculus: A Million Downloads and Beyond - Gaming's Metaverse in the Making 


Threads Unveiled: Discover New Features and Enhancements for Seamless Conversations 

 Legal Battles in the Creator Realm: Mr Beast's Ghost Kitchen Faces a $100M Lawsuit 

 Discord's Creator Team Layoffs: Analyzing the Implications for the Creator Community