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Jun 9, 2023

On this episode of The Creator Feed, we cover the latest news and trends in the creator economy. Emma Chamberlain raises more funds for Chamberlain Coffee, while Jake Paul becomes a playable video game character. Yes Theory releases their feature-length film, and MrBeast pitches a game show concept to various streaming services. We also discuss the emerging effort to bring creators together for collective advocacy with CREATORS.ORG and the strikes from top League of Legends players and journalists covering the industry. Plus, YouTube changes its election misinformation policy, and we delve into AI chatbots on TikTok and Snapchat. Lastly, Apple announces a mixed reality headset - which *might* change the creator world - and Instagram's Adam Mosseri explains how the platform's ranking algorithms work. 


Tune in for all the latest updates and insights in the creator economy!


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Creators Making Moves – Emma Chamberlain, Jake Paul, Yes Theory, and MrBeast


Collective Action Comes to the Creator Economy..


YouTube Changes Its Election Misformation Policy


AI ChatBots and Top Creator Platforms


Apple Announces Mixed Reality Headset ($3500 Yikes!)

  • NYT - on Apple’s Launch


More Transparency on Algorithms - this time from instagram's Adam Mosseri

Adam Mosseri on how the Instagram ranking algorithms really work