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Jul 7, 2023

On this week’s episode of The Creator Feed we're bringing you the latest news and trends in the creator economy, starting with the FTC cracking down on endorsements - changing its policy for the first time in 14 years - and YouTube's ad problems. We've also got some exciting news for TikTok fans – they're launching a retail operation in the US!  But it's not all sunshine and rainbows, as Shein is under fire for unfair working conditions and forced labor, and their influencers might be in hot water too. We'll also take a break from the serious stuff and show you how the Cannes set makes lip-sync parody videos. Go behind the news, stay up to date and have fun!  Don't miss this one!



FTC Releases New Rules for Influencers


YouTube's Ad Problems: How Your Favorite Creators Are Affected


TikTok Goes Retail: What You Need to Know About Their New Shop


The Dark Side of Influencer Junkets: Revealing the Truth About SHEIN


Meta Launches Twitter Competitor App - Will It Take Off?


I'm Still Branding: The Viral TikTok Video From Cannes