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Jun 24, 2023

On this episode of The Creator Feed, we cover the latest news and trends in the creator economy. Meta announces Voicebox, an AI model for generating audio and text to speech, while Reddit repeats history by angering its power users and mods with product changes. We also discuss YouTube's best practices for shoppable live streams, the scheduling conflict between VidCon and Cannes, and LinkedIn's removal of carousels, profile videos, and embedded links. Plus, we delve into TikTok's new initiative, TikTok Truths, aimed at setting the record straight about information collection and usage. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and insights in the creator economy!




1. "Meta's Voicebox: The Future of AI-Generated Audio and Text-to-Speech"

2. "Reddit's Latest Move: Is it the Beginning of the End for the Platform's Power Users?"

3. "YouTube's Shoppable Live Stream: How to Sell Without Being Salesy"

4. "TikTok's Truths: What the Platform Wants You to Know About Your Data"