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Oct 28, 2023

Headline alert! In this episode of The Creator Feed, we uncover some juicy stories. Artlist's dirty secret is exposed, Patreon levels up with a rebrand and acquires Moment Studios, TikTok captions become mandatory, AI takes over the creator world (with some concerns), and Twitch jumps on the stories bandwagon (late to the game, if you ask us). Join Jim and Renee as they spill the tea on the latest news and trends in the creator economy. Don't miss out on this episode—share it with a friend and stay in the know!



 Artlist's Shocking Revelation: No Grant, Just a Creative Rights Takeover!

Patreon Levels Up with a Rebrand and buys Moment Studios

TikTok Breaks Barriers: Auto-Captions Now Mandatory for All Videos!

AI Takes Over the Creator Economy: Study Reveals 97% Adoption Rate!


Twitch Follows the Trend with Stories - But is it Too Late?