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Apr 6, 2023

  • This week’s episode of the Creator Feed Renee Teeley and Jim Louderback discuss the rise of Lemon8, a new video and photo-sharing social media platform from Bytedance that has been described as a blend of Instagram and Pinterest. We also talk about Pew Research's latest study on TikTok, which found that only 22% of Americans oppose a TikTok ban. We also explore the UK's recent fine of TikTok for violating data privacy rules for kids under 13, and Wired's latest article on the failure of live-streamed shopping in the West. Finally, we talk about Whaler's new venture studio, Moby Ventures, which will help creators build businesses.



Lemon8 App Topping The Charts In The Us Amid Potential Tiktok Ban



TikTok Fined $16M For Violating UK’s Data Privacy Rules For Kids Under 13


Live-streamed Shopping is a Dud in the West:

Whaler Launches Moby Ventures To Help Creators Build Businesses.

The Crash of Faze Clan - from Reed from Night Media

Creator Feed Hosts LIVE - Where to Find Us

Jim - International Journalism Festival - April 21-24 Perugia Italy