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Mar 25, 2023

In this episode of The Creator Feed, hosts Jim Louderback and Renee Teeley discuss the latest trends in the creator economy. Topics covered include TikTok's partnership with Major League Soccer to create a new Club Creator Network, copyright protection for AI-assisted works, the release of Midjourney v5, Meta's shift away from the Metaverse towards AI, YouTube's new multi-language audio support and associated metrics, and TikTok's new feature allowing users to wipe their FYP clean. The hosts compare Meta's spending to other corporate blunders in tech and question whether the Metaverse was a wise investment. Tune in and stay up to date on the top issues, news and trends in the creator economy!


TikTok MLS Partnership

Social Media Today - TikTok Partnership


New Copyright Rules on AI Generative Works

Midjourney Version 5 is Released

Meta Shifts Away From the Metaverse

YouTube Releases New Multi-Language Metrics for Creators

TikTok Lets you Wipe your FYP Algorithm and Start Over