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Nov 18, 2022

This week on The Creator Feed - in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday - we talk about some of the shopping events and new features happening across social video platforms.  TikTok brings their store to the US and Pinterest and YouTube have shopping events running live.  We also explore what TikTok’s $2B revenue shortfall might mean to creators, and talk about YouTube’s new QA feature - which adds a much-needed dimension to live streams.  And we learn what the FTX-fueled crypto meltdown might mean for creators (hint, a Web3 slowdown), and talk about the surprising lack of built-in support for royalties in the NFT market.  Oh and we highlight a little “wiggle and jiggle” from JoJo Siwa as well!


TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop:


YouTube Live Shopping 

YouTube Live Shopping:

YouTube testing Shorts Shopping:


Pinterest Live Shopping

Pinterest TV Shopping:


TikTok Revenue Miss

Jim’s Article on the TikTok Revenue Issues:

TikTok Cuts Revenue:

The New Way Creators are Scored on TikTok:


YouTube QA Feature


FTX and NFT Woes

Fred Wilson:


What the FTX Fiasco Means:

Nike Swoosh:

Jim’s article on the crypto melt-down:



JoJo Siwa:

The Metaverse Jim Wants: