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Oct 15, 2022

This week on The Creator Feed, Renee and Jim talk about the latest in the TikTok vs. Everyone war, including how the company is readying a warehouse/e-commerce push in the US, its Instagram takeover, and the oodles and boodles of billions that parent company Bytedance is losing.  We speculate on what all that means and more.  Plus a deep-dive on YouTube’s latest analytics update for mere mortals and the ramifications of handles.  We also explore why the SEC went after Kim Kardashian and what it means for all of us - and finally lean into the changes coming to Meta’s metaverse and the Oculus.  Also, a feel-good video that will get you tapping your toes and dreaming of vegetables.


TikTok and Bytedance


It’s not about Kim, it’s about you and me.

Facebook Unveils Oculus Pro    


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