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Aug 17, 2023

In today's episode of The Creator Feed, we've got some exciting news coming your way. First up, TikTok is making waves in Europe by allowing users to opt out of the algorithmic For You Page. Will this become a global trend in prioritizing user safety? Plus, #BookTok is taking the literary world by storm, boosting indie authors and print book sales too. And speaking of games, Minecraft is reaping the benefits of its IP - and pushing away creators - while Roblox continues to sow the seeds of success. We'll also discuss the integration of Descript and SquadCast and what WeWork's demise means for the creator economy. Tune in and join the conversation!



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 Europe Regulators Take Action: TikTok's FYP Opt-Out and Beyond 


 BookTok Rising: Indie Books Take Center Stage on TikTok 


 Minecraft vs. Creators: From Reaping the Value to IP Restrictions 


 Descript + SquadCast Integration: Streamlining Podcasting Workflows 


 WeWork's Demise and the Creator Economy: Lessons in Community and Adaptation