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Oct 7, 2022

This week on The Creator Feed, Renee went to VidSummit, learned a ton and had a grand time – and Jim didn’t even get a T-Shirt!  Renee shares details on what she learned, what happened, some great folks she met and some speculation on why VidSummit decided to move to Dallas Texas in 2023.  Also, much speculation about what is likely to change – or develop – as TikTok tries to muscle into Google’s turf as a top video search engine.  And a look at why buying views is not good business for anyone, and why podcasting is likely to take a hit, plus rapid reactions to Dream, er, Clay, revealing his true self and a feel good video from southwest Florida.




TikTok Challenges Google’s Search Primacy

Podcasters Buy Views

Dream Unmasks Himself

Kitty Rescue!

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