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Aug 31, 2023

In this episode of The Creator Feed, we've got some exciting updates for you in our special end of summer double episode! First up, YouTube is rolling out a new educational training course to help creators understand Community Guidelines warnings, and we think it sounds just like traffic school!  Learn how not to get your YouTube license taken away.

Also this week: TikTok is rumored to shortly ban all external shopping links, potentially affecting creators and raising anti-trust concerns. A new nonprofit organization, the Creators Guild of America, aims to support creators without collective bargaining. Renee and Jim analyze 4 creator economy challenges laid out by top VC Andrew Chen and then talk through his potential upside for venture-based companies in our space. 

Plus, Rhett and Link's Mythical Creator Accelerator invests in The Sorry Girls and the curious case of the missing bylines. Tune in for all these juicy stories and more!





  • Introducing the Creators Guild of America: The New Support System for Creators You Need to Know About!