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Jun 16, 2023

On this episode of The Creator Feed, we cover the latest news and trends in the creator economy. YouTube is changing its eligibility criteria for Partner Program access, making it easier for creators to apply and access fan funding features. Meanwhile, Twitch upsets creators with its latest anti-creator announcement, and funding for creator economy startups has declined by 86% over the last two years. We also discuss updates on Shorts monetization and TikTok's new AI ad script generator tool. Plus, we delve into the controversial topic of Baby Gronk, Baby Diggs, and Livvy in the context of NIL. Tune in for all the latest updates and insights in the creator economy!


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1. YouTube's New Partner Program Changes: What You Need to Know

2. Twitch Upsets Creators Again: Will They Learn from Their Mistakes?

3. Creator Economy Startups Struggling to Secure Funding: Is the Bubble Bursting?

4. The State of Shorts: Monetization, Growth, and Cannibalization

5. TikTok Unveils AI Ad Script Generator Tool: A Game-Changer for Businesses?

Social Media Today

6. Baby Gronk, Baby Diggs, and Livvy: The Future of the Creator Economy?