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Jan 25, 2023

The time has finally come! Drew and Libby sit down to watch The Righteous Gemstones episode "I Will Tell of All Your Deeds". Who is behind the cycle ninjas? What line from Judy conflicts Libby? What does Drew say is the final test of Baby Billy's redemption? Download and find out!



Jan 18, 2023

Surpises around every turn on this episode of "Misbehavin" as our hosts sit down to review The Righteous Gemstones episode "The Prayer of a Righteous Man". What character delights Drew? What celebrity story does Libby have to tell? How do the hosts handle the return of a long awaited character? Download now and...

Jan 4, 2023

The cycle ninjas return and chaos ensues on this episode of Misbehavin! Just who exactly are the cycle ninjas? How did BJ get a ninja star in his skull? What song does Libby declare the best orignial of season 2? What does Drew think is the best bit of comedy thus far? Download and find out!



Dec 28, 2022

Well, that escalted quickly! This week on the Misbehavin Drew and Libby sit down to review "Never Avenge Yourselves, but Leave It to the Wrath of God". Which one of our beloved Gemstone characters might no longer be with us? What scene played for comedy do our hosts think is actually quite frightening? Which character...

Dec 21, 2022

Back to the past for the second time! Drew and Libby sit down to discuss "Interlude II". Who surprises Drew with their quick acceptance of dirty deeds? Does Libby love the Christmas song as much as Misbehavin? Are the kids any better behaved than before? Find out the answers to these questions on this oddly perfect...