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The Spoon Podcast

Dec 10, 2022

Our guest this week on our weekly food tech news wrapup is Clayton Wood, the CEO of pizza robot startup Picnic.

We talk food tech news and then hear Clayton's view on where things are going in the world of food robots.

Here are some of the stories we covered:

The Food tech venture capital market really dropped hard in Q3.: Food tech venture drops 63% quarter over quarter

One sector that seems to be somewhat active in Web3 meets restaurants: Seattle's Forum3 announces funding on heels of launching Starbucks' NFT-centric loyalty program. 

Two Fast-Grocery Delivery Giants Have Merged: Turkish fast delivery company Getir has closed its acquisition of German rival Gorillas as fast grocery continues to consolidate.

Wonder Lays off 7% of Workers: Marc Lore's food delivery unicorn has its first layoff as growth goes slower than expected.

Colleges are embracing delivery robots. Grubhub announced a partnership with Kiwi, adding to their partnerships with Starship and Cartken. Is there something about college campuses that make them a logical testing ground for food robotics?

And we put Clayton on the food robot hot seat, asking him:

How would you assess the food robot marketplace in 2022?

Will we see some consolidation in certain areas of food robotics in 2023?

Predictions for the 2023 food robot market.