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Listen in to open and honest conversations about the journey to becoming a leader within education, brought to you by the Operam Education Group. Not every leader's path is the same. This podcast explores lessons learnt, offers advice from inspiring leaders and explains the motivations and frustrations of those leaders currently driving the education of young people and adults across the country.

Aug 31, 2022

The journey to leadership isn’t always smooth. And this was the case for Sarah North, Co-CEO for The Oak Academy Trust. Before embarking on her career in education, she was advised not to go into teaching as she was “too introverted” - she proved them wrong! She went on to teach science and moved forward into multiple leadership positions.

In our first episode of Inspirational Education Leaders, our host Christian Walshe sat down with Sarah and found out more about her inspiring journey. We learnt about how she got to where she is today, the biggest challenges that she faces now as a leader of a school and her motivations and beliefs.

We also spoke about: 

  • The power of supporting staff and the knock-on effect this has on pupils
  • Developing an open culture where people can feel comfortable with asking questions
  • Offering flexible working and staff retention benefits 
  • Has the cost of living crisis affected staff and pupils?
  • Common myths about school leaders
  • How can ECTs progress to a head teacher position?
  • What would Sarah do differently if she was to start her career tomorrow?

Our conversation with Sarah was an inspiring and informative start to the podcast.


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