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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Nov 6, 2022

Our speaker for this podcast is a big fan of taking risks or according to him  "going for that leap of faith" , he digs deep into his experiences and shares how he approached things during his early years of his career. He shares his methods and his knowledge on how to properly onboard clients especially for those who are not psychologically ready. On this podcast he also  shares how "Motivational interviewing" changed his life and his career for the better.


7:41-8:26 Gary on talks about his leap of faith in the business


16:43-17:04  Gary on going for things and not being afraid


23:09-24:04) He talks about handling clients that are psychologically ready


27:32-28:39  Gary shares his thoughts about how to create  a program for those who are not psychologically ready


34:10- 35:08 Behavioral change


39:27-40:22 Gary opens up the proper way to coach


42:34-42:48 Gary on the way coaches communicate with athletes


46:20-47:29 How Motivational Inverviewing changed Gary for good.