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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Nov 13, 2022

On this episode of the podcast we are pleased to introduce to you our speaker Mr. Tim Lyons the Founder of Pulse Fitness and PROFIT. Here he talks about how his mastermind project started, the mistakes he made when he opened up his first gym and how he changed how things operated in order to save the company. He also shares with us how he sold 10 Lifetime memberships worth $25,000 each and how he used that to improve the quality of his gym and as well as to provide excellent service and give a very satisfying experience for the members who took the membership.


1:44-2:25 Tim Shares his thoughts about what the Iron Circle is made of.

3:59-5:00 How the genius mastermind was created.

7:48-8:28 Making Decisions than no decisions

9:33-10:21 He Shares his journey about how he started his first gym.


10:47-11:45 He talks about the ways he has found to increase his revenue


11:46-12:06 Tim shares his experiences and his dramatic changes over the years to his gym.

12:22-12:48 Tim Lyons on failing on his earlier years 


13:07-13:19 Trevor response on Tim's early failures


17:50-18:24 Talking about Profit.


26:58-27:58 What are expensive memberships for?


27:59-28:54 He talks about what you should get for highly priced memberships


40:12-40:59 The power of SEMI-Private training model


42:34-43:25 Advantages of semi private training