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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Nov 20, 2022

On this Episode of the podcast we had a fantastic speaker in Scott Rammage as he walked us through his Entrepreneurship adventures. Scott talks first about what got him into Crossfit, what he found interesting about it and how he eventually fell in love with it which ultimately led Scott to opening his own Gym. He talks about his drive and passion in entrepreneurship and talks how one of his goals is to help other people in the industry. Scott believes that eventually everything falls into place, how each step of the process becomes a stepping stone.  He also talks about the importance of joining groups and masterminds in the process and shares how he overcame the struggles of starting a  company from scratch.

4:47 - 5:27 Scott explains what drew him into crossfit

5:43 - 6:11 He shares  what he loved about Crossfit the crossfit experience

7:23 - 7:37 Trevor talks about the spectrum of what differentiates Good and Bad Coaches

8:24 - 9:05 How Scott tackled the Business side of Crossfit


16:23 - 16:47 Talking about working with people in fitness looking to start up a business


21:04 - 21:30 Scott opens up about his motivation

22:29- 22:51 Putting your passion to use

24:59 - 25:40 Scott Rummage talks about how things in life fall into place


26:43 - 27:06 Trevor on how joining groups or masterminds benefit you


46:11 - 46:26 Value of having VAs

49:43 - 49:58 Difficulties of growing VAs for gyms