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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Nov 27, 2022

On this episode of the Podcast our speaker walks us through his journey on how he started his company Beyond Macros . He started  with a lot of mistakes, from charging too much at the very beginning and rushing into things. Despite these mistakes he found a way to bounce back and found different ways to remodel his company. He also takes us through how engaging into Podcast greatly impacted his audience and how it got him more clients.


6:48 - 7:06 Matthew talks about what got him into precision nutrition


8:53 - 9:24 Matthew shares about his early mistakes of rushing his goals and what he learned from it

11:52 - 12:09 Matthew Talks about one tip he could give his past self

21:50 - 22:14 He opens up about why his company was called Beyond Macros

26:23 - 26:53 The Podcast was a game changer.

35:58 - 36:46 How Matthew markets his business in-person and online

40:20 - 40:34 Matthew talks about tips for new coaches about borrowed audiences

51:53 - 52:08 A Lesson learned by Matthew on his travels

52:35 - 52:59 Meeting his clients from different parts of the world


59:28 - 1:00:05 Matthew talks about knowing what you want to do with your life



1:03:17 - 1:03:45 Matthew talks about how Beyond Macros turned into a business coaching