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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Dec 5, 2022

On this episode of the Podcast, Alex Cartmill has a very interesting story. Our speaker built his business through helping other people build big brands and really big businesses. He is one of the guys behind OTA (Online Trainer Academy), a successful workshop and certification program for online personal trainers. With his deep experience in the Fitness Industry and in the online coaching space he shares his journey and the things he learned along the way. This episode also has a lot to take from for new entrepreneurs and coaches as he shares his knowledge about the uncertainties of venturing into a new business and his ways to cope up with worse case scenarios.

5:05 - 5:31- Alex talks about how he started in the Fitness Business with journalism

10:46 - 11:52 Alex opens up about his transition from being a fitness coach to building the Online Training Academy

13:50 - 14:54 Alex talks about his first paid job with John Goodman which lead to future opportunities and built the Online Trainer Academy

15:41 - 16:30 Trevor praises Alex on his persistence and how it helps a person's natural relationship building skill

18:46 - 19:59 Alex Talks about being connected with people in the same industry

20:37 - 21:05 Alex’s approach with  working and building a relationship with other people in the industry

26:25 - 27:18 Alex shares his experience with challenges of starting the Online Trainer Academy

34:00 - 35:28 Alex Talks about how they solved challenges from being a cohort company to an evergreen company


41:37 - 41:53 He talks about the importance of building connections with people in online coaching

48:04 - 49:04 Alex talks about what pushed him to move from OTA and pursue his own business


49:29 - 50:33 Alex talks about taking the risk of  transitioning from working with John and OTA to being on his own

52:39 - 53:43 Alex talks about the uncertainties of venturing into new businesses

55:16 - 56:05 Alex on how to cope with worst case scenarios


1:07:35 - 1:08:06 Alex shares how his perspective might change if he were to have kids.


1:25:24 - 1:25:57 Trevor talks about the Pros and Cons of being Competitive