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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Dec 11, 2022

On this Podcast Episode we have a great speaker in Dr. Mike Nelson. Our speaker talks about how he got a degree in engineering and eventually to a PHd in engineering. He further talks about how he got interested in weight training, physiology and fitness. He also takes us through his transition from a fixed salary job to doing full time  online coaching and training. Dr. Mike Nelson also gives advice to new and upcoming coaches that want to venture into the online space and how communication between clients is a real benefit to both parties. He also goes into his newsletter writing and how it helped him gather new clients and used it to it’s advantage to reach out and communicate better with his clients.


11:23 - 11:50 Dr. Mike Nelson talks about how he got interested in weight training, physiology and into fitness


13:58 - 14:45  Dr. Mike Nelson talks about the moment he realized he needed to do something different


20:16 - 20:44 Mike talks about deciding what you really want to do


23:45 - 24:01 Trevor talks about the advantages of a phone at these times even on a coaching perspective


30:41 - 31:20 Tips from Dr. Mike Nelson to new coaches starting online training


31:53 - 32:49  More tips from Dr. Mike Nelson to new online coaches


37:10 - 38:01 Opens up about the hardships of transitioning from a stable salary based work to working online


47:54 -48:55 He talks about how communicating with clients on a daily basis helped him


55:06 - 56:39 Mike talks about the importance of a newsletter as a core marketing strategy


58:57 - 59:48 Mike talks about his workflow when creating a newsletter


1:00:00 - 1:02:15 Dr. Mike Nelson talks continues to talk about newsletter writing 

1:02:42 - 1:02:57 Trevor agrees with Dr. Mike Nelson about how he writes newsletter