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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Dec 18, 2022

On this Podcast Episode we have a fantastic speaker in Eric Chessen. Our Speaker talks about what got him started with his career in Autism Fitness and how it eventually grew one-on-one with his clients. He goes into details how he figured out a coaching style that was suited for the autism and neuro adaptive population and how planning out every workout session first with his clients is a great way to prepare. He also talks about the advantages of doing workout repetitively and points out key reasons for its benefits. He explains the structure this workout creates and explains the fundamental goal of general fitness and conditioning programs. He goes and talks about the challenges he faced throughout his career and also the rewarding side of it all. He finishes the episode on how he eventually created the certification for autism fitness and caps off the episode with some advice for coaches that are looking into this side of the career path of the fitness world.


5:04 - 6:14 Eric Chessen talks about how he started working Autism Fitness


6:55 - 7:57 Opens up about himself adjusting to his new career path


8:51 - 9:45 Erick Chessen talks about how he wants to grow in this career path


11:24 - 12:53 How he figured out coaching for the autism neuro adaptive population


20:16 - 21:30 How he plans out every workout session with his clients


22:06 - 22:25 Eric Chessen talks about the advantages of doing a workout over and over again and how it benefits his clients


23:31 - 24:25 3 key points on doing repeating workouts


24:52 - 25:51 He then proceeds talks about what structure this workout creates and talks about the fundamental goal of general fitness and conditioning program


27:46 - 28:55 Eric on the challenges in communication with his clients and how he works around it


32:22 - 33:22 The most rewarding thing he gets from his clients


46:41 - 48:04 Eric shares his experience on how he got to his certification about autism fitness


57:45 - 58:34 Eric talks about how he handles some tough challenges with his clients


1:03:36 - 1:03:51 Advices to coaches that are interested in this field of fitness

1:05:20 - 1:05:58 What is Empathetic Coaching?