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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Feb 5, 2023

On this podcast episode we have a fantastic speaker in Vince Gabriele. He starts off the episode talking about his strengths and how it helped him grow his training business. He then talks about the struggles and failures that he encountered and how it taught him a very important lesson as a business coach. He then goes into what he would advise his younger self about what he knows now as an accomplished business coach. He goes into details about tackling inflection points during business and when to further invest in his business. He then gives advice for coaches that are having or planning to do split businesses on how to manage them efficiently and correctly. He talks about his first hire and how it is important as it would set the tone for the company. He then goes into how to build new businesses about figuring out the problems in your current market and then solving the problem to create an ecosystem that helps out the whole fitness industry. Vince also gives out what a business needs and to solve problems with authenticity and trust. He then finishes off the episode talking about the importance of joining masterminds and the value and lessons you can learn from them.


13:34 - 14:42 Vince shares the things he’s good at and how it help grow his training business


21:54 - 22:44 Failure can teach you a very important lesson as a business coach


24:59 - 25:43 Vince talks about what he would tell young Vince knowing what he knows now as a business coach


30:13 - 31:01  Tackling inflection points in business


35:21 - 36:33 Advice for coaches that are having split businesses


38:37 - 39:22 The first hire and the Employee Standard


1:04:30 - 1:04:52 Vince talks about how he builds a new business


1:05:58 - 1:06:10 Answering the question: How to Build a business?


1:20:26 - 1:20:53 Trevor talks about the value of masterminds and how they help