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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Feb 20, 2023

On this podcast episode we got the pleasure of talking with Chris Cooper, owner of multiple gyms and creator of Two Brain. Chris starts off the episode talking about the problems that every entrepreneur and gym owner face when starting a business. He then gets into how the end time with his business coach got him to create a blog whose purpose was to remind him of the lessons he learned from his business coach which ultimately bloomed into a successful blog site that many gym owners and business owners now visit and read to this day. He stories about how his blog post grew over time which also built so much trust with hundreds to thousands of gym owners and business owners. He then talks about a story of how he got invited to be a speaker alongside other successful and well known speakers and how it got him to create his book which became the best selling business book of all time. Chris mentions how a software guy contacted him to talk to his clients about business which led him to become a mentor business coach to 45 clients in his first year. He also explains how important having systems in place and having a good General Manager can help manage your businesses. He then finishes off the episode talking about how important it is to have strong connections between gym owners with their clients.