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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Feb 26, 2023

On this podcast episode we continue to speak with Chris Cooper and focus more into his business Two Brain. He starts off the episode talking about how to set your goals and talks about narrowing down the setting of small goals that you can focus on and achieve faster. He then goes into detail about what differentiates their company, Two Brain, from the others. He also talks about how owning to your own mistakes can also have benefits and how he owns his mistakes which ultimately made him gain the trust from the people he has worked with. He then explains why gym owners and personal fitness coaches put nutrition coaching on their package. He then finishes off the episode talking about how gym owners and business owners have to think and should have the initiative when selling their products or packages to their clients.


2:23 - 3:02 How to set your goals.


3:06 - 4:37 Narrowing down and setting goals to focus and achieve them faster.


11:40 - 12:29 Chris Cooper talks about what differentiates their company Two Brain from the others (Part 1)


12:53 - 13:25 Continue with above (Part 2)


16:04 - 17:08 Chris Cooper talks about knowing and owning your mistakes can also have its benefits in gaining trust from people.


29:59 - 30:30 Chris shares his Ideas about why gym owners/personal fitness coaches don’t put nutrition coaching on their menu of coaching.


32:51 - 33:43 How gym owners have to think and have initiative when their selling their products/packages.