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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Mar 19, 2023

On this podcast episode we got to speak with Chris Poirier of Perform Better. Chris starts off the episode talking about the history of MF Athletics and Perform Better and on how he came aboard. He then goes and talks about what differentiates them from other equipment manufacturers. He goes into the struggles they had faced early on in the business. He then talks about when and how they started Perform Better. He then explains the way they get new clients and retain older clients despite having multiple other competitive brands throughout the years.  Chris then talks about what kind of business they are and what drives them. He tells the story of how they handled the struggles and challenges they faced during COVID season. He then talks about how they went into a work from home set-up and how they handled it. Chris talks about what he enjoys in his work with Perform Better. He then finishes off the episode talking about the challenges he’s facing being the General Manager.