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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Mar 26, 2023

On this episode we got to talk with both Jeff Larsh and Dan Visentin, co-founder of Greenlight. Jeff starts off the episode talking about if he can go back 5 years what he would change. Dan then talks about their business model at Greenlight with the small group personal training model. Dan talks about the three major problems they figured out in the fitness business and that’s how they think of the small group training sessions model that would tackle these problems. Dan then goes into detail about what their programs at Greenlight offers and they keep clients invested long term. Jeff goes on talking about why they chose to go with the franchising route. Dan then talks about why franchisees would choose greenlight over other competing franchising brands. Jeff and Dan both talk about the struggles and challenges they have faced being young franchisors. Dan also talks about what differentiates them from other franchisors . Jeff then finishes off the episode talking about all the perks of small group private training sessions against one on one training sessions.