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Coach Catalyst Podcast

May 21, 2023


On this podcast episode we got two great speakers in Tim Lyons and his business partner Randy Angsten. Tim starts off the episode talking about how rebranding his previous gym tackled and fixed the previous problems he had with the business. Tim then talks about how he kept his clients through the renovation of his gym by devising a great idea to split the gym into two and work on renovation on one side and change as he progressed and eventually closed the gym for only 7 days to complete the renovations. Randy then tells the story of how he met Tim and eventually created a business and became business partners. Time then goes into detail on the benefits of semi-private training sessions that their gyms run and how efficient it is. Randy also goes into saying the mission statement of ProFit  and goals are with the business. Time then talks about the impact of ProFit to his life and the benefits he got out of it. Tim talks about the importance of trusting your team in making decisions on your behalf rather than waiting for Tim input and slowing down the progression. Tim also talks about how he created the Iron Circle Mastermind. Randy doubles down on the idea of masterminds and talks about the benefits to going to masterminds. Trevor chimes in with the healthiness of having competition with your business and how it is not a bad thing to have. Tim talks about their other event Growth Summit Events and how he wanted to create it for the industry. Randy talks about what differentiates their events from the rest. Randy caps off the episode talking about their ultimate goal as a business and how they want to see gym owners succeed in their respective businesses.