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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Jan 15, 2024

Tony Gentilcore, a highly respected personal trainer and strength coach, is the guest on this episode of the Coach Catalyst podcast. Tony discusses his early aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player and how his love for lifting weights led him to pursue a career in fitness. He shares his experiences working at Cressy Performance and the challenges and triumphs of building his own business. Listeners can learn from Tony's journey and gain valuable insights into the fitness industry.


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00:00:48 Longevity In The Fitness Industry.

00:07:08 Building A Business Requires Hard Work And Networking.

00:10:29 Commitment And Persistence In Writing.

00:16:35 Dedicate Time To Accomplish Goals.

00:21:06 Use Humor And Pop Culture.

00:31:03 Writing Is Invaluable For Effective Communication.

00:36:58 Writing Is Essential For Coaches.

00:45:26 Transition From Coach To Business Owner.

00:48:01 Intermediary For Small Business Growth.

00:52:41 Scaling Your Business For Success.

00:58:02 Introverted Coaches Need Downtime Too.