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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Jan 22, 2024

This episode features Jeff Schumacher, who talks about his experience in the fitness industry. He began with the goal of training athletes but ended up focusing on personal training. Jeff shares the growth of Gage Strength Training, which started as a bootcamp-style facility and expanded to over 500 clients. He also discusses Engage Personal Training, a boutique-style small group strength training studio, and their plans to open multiple locations. The podcast delves into the logistics of running a brick-and-mortar business and the balance between adult and athlete clientele.

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00:01:57 Evolution from bootcamp to athletes.

00:05:19 MLS coaching: Basic training, evolving technology.

00:10:04 Accountability and communication software.

00:15:14 Evolved from boot camp model.

00:25:23 Creating templated programs for clients.

00:30:33 Boutique gym with individual programs.

00:35:53 Location selection for a gym is based on accessibility and population density.

00:41:05 Attention and personalization in coaching.

00:46:22 Client perception is key.

00:53:15 Pre-sale and paid ads success.

00:59:06 Invest in targeted advertising campaigns.

01:04:14 Opportunities for coaches to grow.

01:08:29 Moose are dangerous animals.