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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Jan 26, 2024

This podcast episode features Aram Grigoriam,sharing his story of building a coaching business and offers insights and tips for others in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of starting in-person coaching to develop communication skills and acquire soft skills that are crucial for helping clients. The podcast also touches on the speaker's financial situation and their determination to succeed despite limited savings.


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00:00:02 Build Business Around Existing Products.

00:05:06 Women Need Realistic Fitness Information.

00:11:24 Coaching Requires Personal Attention.

00:19:12 Balance Expectations And Set Boundaries.

00:29:07 Empower Clients For Long-Term Success.

00:34:31 Coaching Is About Reinforcement And Simplicity.

00:35:59 Virtual Assistants Improve Client Experience.

00:40:04 Real-Time Feedback Improves Training.

00:44:39 Staying Organized And Responsive Is Key.

00:49:24 Deal With Difficult Coaching Clients.

00:56:44 Clear Expectations Prevent Communication Breakdown.

00:59:30 Level Of Care Is Crucial.

01:04:08 Education Is Key For Success.

01:09:29 Education-Forward, Inclusive, And Enjoyable.

01:12:07 Networking And Camaraderie At Events.

01:16:49 Supportive Community At Affordable Price.

01:22:02 Passion For Art Over Money.