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Coach Catalyst Podcast

Sep 18, 2022

On this episode of the podcast our speaker talks about her early days in the fitness industry and the struggles she went through before her triumph. She goes deep and explains the importance of work-life balance, having sustainable workloads,  having client acquisition skills, and the importance of doing repetitive tasks to master your craft. These are the things that took her to the peak of her career and made her successful in her field.


8:02-8:33 Ashley opens up about her own experiences


16:05-16:38 Sustainability on day to day basis for long term success

  • If that's what your passion is, if that's what you love , like we're not setting up trainers to be successful in the long term, that's why in the training industry you see a lot of turnovers, you see people leaving, you see this and that because it's not sustainable.


25:59-26:22 She talks about the differences in every session


  • Not all training hours are created equal. 
  • There are easy hours you could train


30:50-31:11  Inspiration to keep going


  • She talks about how her clients come in, they leave better, feeling better than they did when they walked in the door and that is the only thing that she can really gauge my success on.

34:59-35:16  Ashley shares about how changes happen

35:54-36:00 Getting used to the routine


42:43-42:53 The Right Approach


1:02:08- 1:02:13 Ashley talks about coaching programs

1:05:47 -1:06:21 She talks about the benefit of coaching softwares


1:16:05-1:16:28 How to be a better coach


  • Keep learning Things
  • Keep getting better
  • More education about the field


1:18:44-1:19:06 Ashley shares her thoughts on online and face to face training


1:29:02-1:29:39 The right person for the right client

Clients you don't enjoy training stop training, well maybe you can, but like give them to someone who can be a better fit for them and maybe help them if you're not the right person.