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Coach Catalyst Podcast

May 27, 2024

In this episode of the Coach Catalyst podcast, Joel Jamison from Morpheus shares insights into innovative technology and hardware for improving cardiorespiratory fitness. Discover Morpheus's success story and its features like measuring HRV and optimizing fitness zones. If you're into product development, heart rate training, or simply love fitness tech, this episode is a must-listen for valuable insights and inspiration. Tune in now!


[00:01:59] Morpheus origin story.

[00:04:37] Meeting Russian coach Val.

[00:07:23] Russian use of HIV in sports.

[00:11:43] HRV in training process.

[00:14:24] Heart rate variability.

[00:15:37] Importance of Heart Rate Variability.

[00:19:24] Individualized training approach.

[00:21:30] Launching Myoforce HRV in 2012.

[00:25:24] Funding and self-funding ventures.

[00:29:39] HRV certification in fitness industry.

[00:32:10] HRV measurement variability.

[00:34:01] Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurement.

[00:39:30] Heart rate training zones.

[00:41:15] Training methods and cost adjustments.

[00:44:01] HRV technology development.

[00:46:36] Challenges with manufacturing in China.

[00:50:14] Challenges in Entrepreneurship

[00:54:52] Pivoting Morpheus into mass market.

[00:55:44] Social cardio and Morpheus app.

[01:00:59] The future of training.

[01:03:05] Personalized workout solutions.

[01:04:46] App and web portal integration.

[01:10:07] Entrepreneurial funding strategies.

[01:13:26] Morpheus website evolution.

[01:14:29] The HRV recovery secret sauce.