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The Bob McCown Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

EPISODE 80 - The FRIDAY ROUNDTABLE with DAVE PERKINS and BOB ELLIOTT. What will the new Blue Jays lineup look like? Who plays third and first? Also, what are everyone's thoughts on the new rotation? Can we expect another signing or two? Also, Perk and Elliott are voting members for the Hall of Fame, what did they think...

Jan 27, 2021

EPISODE 79 - NELSON MILLMAN RETURNS for Part 2 of his discussion about the history of sports talk radio and some more war stories from the glory days of sports talk. Also, what does he think the future of sports talk radio is? Why was The FAN a breeding ground for successful on-air personalities? And who fired Bob?


Jan 25, 2021

EPISODE 78 - KEITH OLBERMANN joins the show to talk the life and legacy of Larry King. Also, the Blue Jays signing of George Springer. And what are his thoughts now that Trump is out of office? An extended Monday podcast!

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Jan 22, 2021

EPISODE 77 - DAN SHULMAN of Blue Jays on Sports and MLB on ESPN joins the show to talk about the $150million signing of George Springer. Did the Jays overpay? What does it mean for the team? How does Dan see the Blue Jays lineup next season? What other moves may be coming? And will the Blue Jays be playing in Toronto at...

Jan 20, 2021

EPISODE 76 - GLENN HEALY joins the show to talk about the NHL season so far. The All-Canadian division and the challenges of COVID. Also, he laments his bagpiping career.

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