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The Bob McCown Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

The Boston Globes very own Bob Ryan joins the show to catch up with Bob and John. From the POV of a man who saw it live, Mr.Ryan talks about the beatdown handed to the Boston Red Sox by the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend. The three talk about the issues Boston’s baseball club is facing before shifting the conversation to Juan Soto and the Washington Nationals. We discuss potential trade destinations for the all star outfielder and wonder if the Blue Jays would be willing to make an offer for him. We also discuss the recent trade rumours swirling in the NBA but more specifically - Are the Boston Celtics now frontrunners to land Kevin Durant? The three talk about who the Celtics would have to give up to get KD and find out who Bob would be willing to part ways with to ensure that would happen. Before we go, we get Mr. Ryan’s opinion on who he thinks the greatest athlete to play for a Boston team could be and find out why he can’t simply choose just one.

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