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The Bob McCown Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

Kenny Albert, the only 4 sport play by play announcer in the game joins the show today to have a chat with Bob and John.

In the midst of a series against the Toronto Blue Jays, Kenny, Bob and John talk about the New York Yankees and their record breaking slugger, Aaron Judge. We discuss the significance of Judge’s 61 home runs and what it would mean to the city of New York before moving over to MVP talk and speculate on the likelihood of Judge staying in New York as a Yankee once his contract is up. Before changing topics, the three pick Kenny’s brain about MLB’s playoff format and who he thinks we’ll see in the World Series come October.

After the break, the three get into some stories from Kenny’s career as we talk about the difficulties of calling games for 4 different professional sports leagues before ending the show with some NFL talk along with a brief discussion on the New York Rangers.

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