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The Bob McCown Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

Even the Bobcat needs some time off every once in a while - while our two hosts rest and re-charge for the next five days, enjoy re-run's of some of our favourite episodes. 

Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations of the Montreal Canadiens, Jeff Gorton, joins the show to talk about his team on todays episode.

With almost a year under his belt in Montreal, Bob and John talk to Jeff about his experience with the Habs so far, his comprehension of the French language and what his plans for the team are going forward. We get some insight on what Jeff brings to the table, having worked for two original 6 teams already, and learn the differences within the fan base and media in Montreal compared to markets like Boston and New York City. 

The three discuss this years draft and their decision to select Slovakian power forward Juraj Slafkovsky with the number one overall pick. We find out where Jeff thinks the prospect should play next year and get his opinion on the alleged Shane Wright “stare down” on draft night.

We finish the show by addressing the discourse surrounding American born players and their hesitance to play in a Canadian market.

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