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The Bob McCown Podcast

Apr 19, 2024

The Stanley Cup Playoffs start tomorrow, and it wouldn’t be The Bob McCown Podcast if John didn’t bring on Kevin Paul Dupont & Eric Duhatschek to the show to talk about them.

In this bonus episode of the podcast, the four take a look at each of the 8 series, giving us their in-depth analysis on how they think the...

Apr 19, 2024

Paul Jones & Doug Smith are on the podcast today to talk about the Raptors and playoff basketball.

Not much has changed in Toronto regarding the Raptors as the four break down Masai Ujiri’s end-of-season press conference and set expectations for a long off-season for the club.

With Raptors talk out of the way, Bob,...

Apr 18, 2024

Based in Los Angeles, Bill gives us his perspective on the fallout, if any, from the Shohei Ohtani investigation before focusing on Shohei’s performance so far, then takes a broader look at the play of the Dodgers as a whole. Bill also shares his first impressions of some of the other teams around the league,...

Apr 17, 2024

After signing a one-year deal to stay in Minnesota, Marc-Andre Fleury is set to play in his 21st NHL season, and his agent, Allan Walsh, comes on the show to give us the details on how the decision was made and why the goaltender insisted on staying in Minnesota.

Allan also takes some time to discuss the roller coaster...

Apr 16, 2024

Have we been too hard on the Toronto Blue Jays? That could be the case as Richard Deitsch joins the show to talk about his and the public’s changing opinion around Canada’s baseball team.

The three admit that they might have been a little too critical on the Blue Jays not even 20 games into a 182-game regular...