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The Bob McCown Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

Reacquiring guest and friend of the show, JON MOROSI, joins John and Bob from Buffalo today to talk about the Toronto Blue Jays, their recent trades and their uptick in offensive production.

As Jon gets ready for the broadcast tonight, the three talk about the impact playing on natural grass and how the team could...

Jun 29, 2021

Chair of Canada Basketball Board of Directors, BRIAN COOPER, joins the podcast as the FIBA Olympic qualifying tournament begins tonight in Victoria BC.

With more NBA players on the team than ever before the Canadians must win the tournament in order to secure a birth to the Tokyo Olympics - The gentlemen discuss the...

Jun 28, 2021

DARREN PANG & MIKE ZEISBERGER join the podcast to break down the Stanley Cup Final Matchup between the Tampa Bay Lightning & the Montreal Canadiens.

The four discuss every aspect of the team, from their regular season performance, team chemistry, goalie matchup and their path to the Stanley Cup Final in preparation for...

Jun 25, 2021

In a multi sport edition of our friday roundtable, DAVE HODGE and DAVE PERKINS join bob and john to talk some NHL and Major League Baseball.

The gentlemen start the show chatting about the Montreal Canadians unexpected run to the Stanley Cup Finals and what to expect out of them as they wait for their opponents.


Jun 24, 2021

The voice of the Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet, DAN SHULMAN, joins the podcast to talk some Toronto Blue Jays and Major League Baseball.

The three discuss the "Ebbs & Flows" of the Jays tumultuous season, and wonder how much of their issues can be attributed to their schedule. The gentleman also discuss the possibility...